Ocean Sounds annual meeting with open lectures 3.12.2016!

Invitation to the "Oceanday" in Stuttgart:

Annual meeting for Ocean Sounds e.V. members only:
15-16:30 'clock
DHBW Herdweg 29, Room 104

Open Presentations (everyone is welcome!!)

Ocean Sounds T-shirts!

Now you can order our beautiful blue Ocean Sounds Whale T-shirts, artwork by Chris Studer and support our work.
Please visit Feuerbach.de or send us an e...

Whales of Norway need protection!

We have started a cooperation with the WDC and they have posted a blog of my work and challenges:

"I started my researc...

War in Vestfjord?


[audio wav="https://ocean-soun...

News for 2016

After successful 4 months in Raja Ampat, we are now continuing our field work on Lofoten in Norway.
In Raja Ampat we could finally collect enough information in order to develop a long-term research project. We found Benjamin Kahn from

Video: I am Morgan

we supported the Free Morgan Foundation with a sound file, which we have recorded in 2005 in northern Norway from a killer whale group we named P. After comparing calls uttered by Morgan in ...