Marine Mammal Science & Conservation


TV, radio and newspaper documentaries

British Library host our recording of killer whales and noise pollution:

SWR Ladensschau 5.5.2020:
Heike Vester interview on German TV

Peta Interview and letter to TUI to stop dolphins in captivity

SWR1-Leute-Heute 23-032020: Interview with Heike Vester about Ocean Sounds, the whales and her challenges in life, especially during the coronavirus crisis (in german only).

Stuttgarter Nachrichten 2020-01-03:

SWR Aktuell Gloabal Interview with Heike 2019:
Die wundervolle Sprache der Wale – geheimnisvoll und stark bedroht

Wildiaries documentaries and interview:


2017 December ZDF Documentation: Wenn das Klima kippt

2016-08-27 WDC blog about our work and challenges: whales of Norway need protection!

2016-08-06 Avisa Nordland: Frykter at hvalenen blir skremmt bort 2016-08-06_Avisa_Nordland_-_06-08-2016_print

2016-06-02 Lofotposten article by Eric Fokke about our problem with boats and orcas in Lofoten

Abenteuer Polarkreis im ZDF

2.10.2015 « Le Peuple des Orques », réalisé par Thierry Simon, le 2 octobre 2015 au Grand Rex, Paris
a documentary about Orcas featuring Pierre de La Tour, Orques sans Frontiers, Heike Vester, Ocean Sounds and Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd
le peuple des orques

18.5.2015 Hvordan havnet den her? Nordlys by Eric Fokke

18.5.2015 Fant død spekkhoggerkalv i færa, Lofotposten by Eric Fokke

17.5.2015 Fant død spekkhoggerbaby i Lofoten, NRK Nordland by Markus Thonhaugen


7.5.2015 Mare TV Lofoten documentary (German)


25.12.2013 ZDF Documentary (30min) Winter in Norwegen Mediathek link

September 2013 in Croatian media:


and an interview about that topic with Ocean Care:



In this issue (October 2013) of the BBC’s Wildlife Magazine, an article by Bill Markham about our work with orcas in Lofoten from the summer 2012 was published. Bill was filming with us for 3 weeks and could cover the story of “Stumpy”, a handicapped orca that was cared for by other orcas.

Article: Caring killers
Killer whale families are capable of far deeper emotions than we thought – and even adopt unrelated individuals. Bill Markham, producer of a new BBC documentary, investigates.


BBC documentary

Killer Whales – Beneath the Surface”, by Bill Markham, was going to air on BBC2 (as part of the Natural World series) on 25th October at 9pm UK time.


04.08.2013 Bellona and Ocean Sounds want immediate seismic airgun shooting STOP outside Vestfjord! Video and text in Norwegian

04.02.2012 Zipf’s law by Trevor Pinch and Mark Lane

4/2011 AMBAR journal (Spanish)revista-7-

29.12.2011 Kyst og Fjord newspaper article on seismic signals recorded over a distance of 170km

13.11.2011 Ocean Sounds radio coverage in Austria by the ORF

9.11.2011 NRK Nordland article about Morgan

2011 Documentary on the marine ecosystem of Patagonia in Chile was created by Frontera Azul and can be viewed here:

2010 Documentary on German TV the ARD about Lofoten, where Ocean Sounds is mentioned.

2010 Radio Interview with H.Vester at Culture Shocks, US, you can listen to it online here.

Reviews of the CD Marine Mammals and Fish of Lofoten and Vesteralen: reviews

Radio Interview: The PRI’s World Interview (BBC)

Wire review

2011 German article in 4-season-2011 click PDF

2010 Max Planck Press release on salmon farms in Chile

2010 Lonely Planet Magazin April

2008 German Magazine Nordis published an Aricle by Stefan Schorr

2007 News paper article in Aftenposten about ecotourism and Ocean Sounds

2006 Animal Planet: Monty Halls adventures

2005 Michaela’s Wild Challenge, Chanel 5, UK made by Twohandproductions