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Activities 2020

From 18 to 26 January we participated in “the boot”, the big convention in Düsseldorf at the „love-your-ocean“ stand.

Together with many other environmental protection organisations we presented our work on a small island in the middle of this commercial fair! Our goal was to present Ocean Sounds and give a voice to the whales and dolphins and help the protection of the ocean togther with all the other organisations, which was an initiative of the German Ocean Foundation to save the ocean!

We launched our Whale Sound Library for the first time – it was a success!

Due to the COVID-19 virus outbreak in Germany, all our events got cancelled for now, but we will reschedule as soon as possible, for now erybody stay healthy!

March 2020: Natural History Museum in Stuttgart

A new exciting cooperation will start in March with the natural history museum in Stuttgart. We will present our work in different ways as part of their exhibition “RIESIG im Meer” in their most beautiful and historic old castle Rosenstein:

  • March 1st, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm „Future of the Ocean“ – we will present our work and the Whale Sound Library interactively with guests. This will be fun for kids as we will have a sound quiz! With us will be Coralive and we will present our Whale Coral Video and discuss our joint interest and work!
  • Cancelled! March 19th, 7.00 pm – Dr. Heike Vester will give a talk and present the acoustic world of whales and dolphins!
  • Cancelled! March 21st – and last but not least don’t miss the Long Night of the Museums in Stuttgart. We will be present at Rosenstein between 7.00 pm and 2.00 am and present whale sounds with live music performances from the two gifted musicians Ralph Gaukel and Max Gerwien.

Cancelled! March 20th: Multi Media Presentation in Schorndorf by Naturfreunden and SPD

Start: 6.30 pm, Dr. Heike Vester will talk about „Whales in times of climate change“. Location: Barbara-Künkelinshalle in Schorndorf.

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SWR Radio and TV:
23.3.2020 Radio Interview on SWR1 Leute

SWR Landesschau TV Interview 5.5.2020


… and we plan many more projects this year!


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