Marine Mammal Science & Conservation

Distribution & Disturbance

The occurrence and distribution of marine mammals in our different field sites will be visualised in GPS maps. 

We worked in the Vestfjord and around Lofoten since 2003. Since we could identify over 13 different marine mammal species throughout the years, some are local, other are migratory and come either  during summer or winter time, depending on their prey abundance.

Human impacts influence the distribution in a negative way, for instance noise from seismic surveys looking for oil along the coast of Norway will displace or even kill whales. We do not agree with the Norwegian management of marine mammals and adhere the killing of whales and seals of Lofoten.

Please report any marine mammal sighting in Lofoten / Vestfjord, and help us to complete our monitoring maps:
you can call us: +47-91842012
or send an email:

People working on this project:
Dr. Heike Vester, whale researcher since 2003
Felipe Matos, Master project
Ellyne Hamran, Ocean Sounds Norway since 2017