Marine Mammal Science & Conservation



Dugong (Dugong dugon)

Group formation: solitary (mother calf pair)

Size: 3 m, calf 1.3 m

Weight: 420 kg, calf 30 kg

Age: > 70 yrs

Sexual maturity: 8-18 yrs

Gestation: 13-15 mths, 2.5-7 yrs in between

Weaning: 2.5-3 yrs, stays with mother until mature

Diet: mainly seagrass

Predators: crocodiles, killer whales, sharks pose a threat to the young

Distribution: warm coastal waters from the western Pacific Ocean to the eastern coast of Africa, between 26°N and 27°S

Raja Ampat: very common, in shallow areas with seagrass, e.g. just outside the resort.

Population size: 320.000

Conservation Status: Vulnerable A2bcd ver 3.1, Pop. trend: unknown

Threats: Vessel collision, Illegal hunting, chemical and plastic pollution, entanglement in fishing gear, over fishing, captivity, habitat loss