Marine Mammal Science & Conservation

Peale’s dolphin

Peale’s dolphin (Lagenorhynchus australis)

Group formation: Social groups 10-30

Size: 2.1 m, calf 1 m

Weight: 115 kg, calf unknown

Age: unknown

Sexual maturity: unknown

Gestation: 10-12 mths

Weaning: ca. 2 yrs

Diet: identified prey – Pleoticus muelleri (Argentine shrimp), squid (Loligo gahiand Illex argentinus), Kingklip fish (Genypterus blacodes), Argentine hake (Merluccius hubbsi), southern cod (Salilota australis), hagfish (Myxine australis), Pantagonian grenadier (Marcuronus magellanicus), red octopus (Enteroctopus megalocyathus), other species of herring, makarel, capelin, anchovies, crustaceans and whelks (gastropods)

Predators: sharks, killer whales

Distribution: endemic to the coastal waters around southern South America, from 38- 44° S to 60° S

Chile: very common in the Gulf of Corcovado, groups of 10-30, very social, often seen with Chilean dolphins

Population size: unknown

Conservation Status: Data Deficient ver 3.1, Pop. trend: unknown

Threats: Illegal catches for bait and consumption (Peru, Ecuador, Chile), chemical and plastic pollution, man-made noise impacts (seismic surveys, military sonar), entanglement in fishing gear, bycatch, over fishing