Marine Mammal Science & Conservation

Marine otter

Marine otter (Lontra felina)

Group formation: Solitary or pair with pups (2-4), monogamous, take care of young together, outside breeding season solitary

Size: 83-113 cm (plus 30-36 cm of tail), pup unknown

Weight: 3-5.8 kg, pup unknown

Age: unknown

Sexual maturity: unknown

Gestation: 60-70 days

Weaning: 10 mths

Diet: crab, shrimp, mollusks, and variety of fish

Distribution: littoral areas of southwestern South America, close to shore and intertidal areas of northern Peru – coast of Chile, and the extreme southern reaches of Argentina

Chile: they can be found inside the fjords of Aysen

Population size: < 1000

Conservation Status: Endangered A3cd ver 3.1, Pop. trend: decreasing

Threats: Illegal hunts, habitat degradation, chemical and plastic pollution, entanglement in fishing gear, bycatch, over fishing