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Today 23-3-2020 Heike Vester gave a long interview on a German Radio channel: SWR1-Leute-Heute.
She talks about Ocean Sounds, the whales and the challenges she faces, in partiuclar during the current coronavirus crisis.

Radio Interview SWR1 Leute

Unfortunately the big event of the long nights of museums on 21.3.2020 was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak.
We hope that the outbreak can be containt soon and we can postpone our event.

But our presentations are still hap...

Cancellation of all our events in March!

March 2020 will be full of events:
Join us at the
Natural History Museum in Stuttgart or Naturfreunde in Schorndorf!

  • March 1st, from 10.00 am to 6.00 pm „F...

Event March

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