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Ocean Sounds Norway – Summer 2020

We have begun our boat field work studying whales in northern Norway!

Starting a new and exciting research season, we launched our rib back into the water at the start of May. With many di...

Norway fieldwork has started!

Heike was interviewed on SWR Landesschau in Baden Wurttemberg 5.5.2020.
The 11 min Interview can be viewed here in german:

Ocean Sounds on German TV

Whale researcher Dr Heike Vester from Ocean Sounds supports PETAs request to stop all ticket sales to SeaWorld and Loro Parque to TUI. We send a letter to German TUI with the voice of free living Orcas with the request, so far we have not received...

Stop Dolphins in Captivity!

Today 23-3-2020 Heike Vester gave a long interview on a German Radio channel: SWR1-Leute-Heute.
She talks about Ocean Sounds, the whales and the challenges she faces, in partiuclar during the current coronavirus crisis.

Radio Interview SWR1 Leute

The unfortunate crisis caused by the corona virus (COVID-19) leaves many people and organisations stranded and confronts them with unforeseen challenges.

For Ocean Sounds as a small non-profit organisation that depends on donations this tim...

Difficulties in times of the Corona Virus crisis

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