Time table:

22.11.2015: Ocean Sounds Presentation (17:30 o’clock) by biologist Heike Vester
General assembly of the board and members of Ocean Sounds e.V. (15:00 o’clock)
in Germany (Rohrbronn close to Stuttgart, How to get there

26.11.2015 – 24.3.2016 Field work in Raja Ampat in Indonesia

4.4.2016- October 2016 Field work in Lofoten, Norway


We offer general Lectures on different topics:

  • Marine mammals and ecosystem in Northern Norway – Ocean Sounds research since 2003
  • Seismic surveys in Norway – sound impact and regulations in Norway
  • Scientific Tourism in Patagonia, Chile – Ocean Sounds research 2007-2010
  • Marine mammals in Raja Ampat – Ocean Sounds research since 2015

Lectures last 30-60 minutes (or several hours depending on the occasion and questions), costs depend on the location and occasion, all is donated to the projects of Ocean Sounds, please contact us:


Whale Research periods:

  • Field work in Lofoten: May-September
  • Field work in Raja Ampat: October-March
  • Field work in Patagonia: completed, later update
  • Field work in the Barents Sea in cooperation with Greenpeace: 16-31.8.2014


This video shows a typical field trip in Norway when whales do not show up: