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Donations – Why are we asking?

Ocean Sounds is a independent non-profit organization (registered in Germany as Ocean Sounds e.V. number: VR721563) which finances all research and education programs with private donations and small grants from other organizations.

Our research focuses on biology & conservation of marine mammals in areas in the world with a high biodiversity. This vital research contributes to knowledge and protection of unique and important marine ecosystems.
Tourism, Fishing/hunting activities, Oil & Mineral exploration, as well as Climate Change demands our scientific understanding of the consequences on the marine environment!


Membership: You can become a supporting member for only 20 Euro/year and you can visit us and join our annual meeting and get involved!

You can upload the application documents here, fill it out and sign it and send it back via email (, or the address below.
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Ocean Sounds e.V.
c/o Ralf Ehret
Friedrichstr. 10
D-73663 Berglen

Donations are all tax refundable and will be directly used to finance our research and educational projects.

We have a German bank account at the GLS Bank, you can use the following details to transfer a donation:

Ocean Sounds e.V.
IBAN: DE35430609677033789900
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG, Bochum, Germany



Ocean-sounds invites partnerships with people or ethical compatible companies who may wish to support the ongoing work of the center. This will enable increased focus on the essential research operations of our scientist, colleagues and students of marine biology.
To participate contact:





1) Whale & Dolphin Research and Conservation in Lofoten, Norway.
We need a new Boat engine, after 10 years of heavy usage our old engine is saying good bye and it is time to buy a new one that is more environmental friendly. For that we need around 16 000 Euro, if you want to help us, please call you donation: “Norwegian engine”

April-October we do daily boat trips from Henningsvaer into the Vestfjord to study orcas and long-finned pilot whales and all other marine mammals.
We have already established a research project on the as behavior, identification and underwater communication of orca groups visiting us in the summer, especially in the Øksfjord (see article). This adds to our knowledge from earlier winter observation of orcas in northern Norway, which we have studied since 2003.
In addition we have studied long-finned pilot whales in the Vestfjord since 2006 and have over 400 individuals in our Photo ID catalog, and could identify more than 160 different call types. Long-finned pilot whales migrate every year to the Vestfjord and we investigate whether these groups are stable or fluctuate and whether their communication differs from other groups.
Since 2013 we further focus on the distribution & vocal behavior of Atlantic White sided Dolphins, we have no former knowledge about those animals!
Humpback whales, Minke whales, Sperm whales and Fin whales are also visitors to the Vestfjord in the summer time!
In summary, to understand these animals more research is needed, because we are only in the beginning of revealing their life and needs to survive!
If you want to donate for this project, call your donation: Whales Lofoten


2) Whale & Dolphin Research and Conservation in West Papua, Indonesia: after completing a pilot project in 2015, we are now planning a long-term research and conservation project in Raja Ampat. We need research money for travel, equipment, boat operation to be able to continue in November 2015.
If you want to donate for this project, call your donation: Whales Raja Ampat


Since 2011 we cannot invite tourists on our boat trips anymore, because the laws for our boat has changed and we are not allowed to. This means a huge cut in our financial income, which makes donations and sponsorship ever more important.

Please take a few minutes and think about it, we hope you do care about Marine Mammals and their marine habitat and you would like to support our projects that aim at protection & conservation of whales & dolphins around the world.


Thank you for your kind support,   


Heike Vester
(founder of OceanSounds)