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Boat back in the water!

Boat is back in the water! We had 2 weeks of beautiful summer weather, but the engine was […]


whale drawings & engine problems

This isn’t a summer break, the sun is shining and it is perfect to spot whales, just today […]


Atlantic white sided dolphins and superpod of pilot whales in ...

For over a week we have encountered many long-finned pilot whales feeding and socializing in the Vestfjord. So […]


Fin whales & Orcas & Spiegel TV

During our last 2 trips we encountered different whales! First we saw a mother and calf fin whale […]


Orcas and Spermwhales!

2015-06-17 Yes the weather was nice and we could go out at sea again for 14 hours! First […]


Pilot whales & Fin whale in Vestfjorden

A few days ago, Tom saw Pilot whales just 10 min. from Bodø when he came with the […]


Orcas during field course

During our field course in Marine Mammal Biology (BI227 at UiN) with 12 students from all over the […]


Norways ice sealing stopped!

Finally after so many years of bloodshed the government stopped subsidizing the seal hunt in the ice. The […]


Orca News

The group of Orca (Orcinus orca) with ca 20-30 Individuals are still in Lofoten and we could finally […]